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See, I don't have a most embarrassing track in my library. This question sparked a train of thought the other day that hasn't fully ended yet.

Thinky thoughts ahead. :P )

and that is what happens when thoughts stew in my head. Scary, no? :P
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Aw, man I have to pick? Can I do a top three? Yes? OKAY! :D

1. Dean Winchester. Why? Because A: It's pretty much a guaranteed lay. *innocent face* B: Because I'd get to see the Impala. And that car is the shit. C: He seems like an interesting individual, once you get past the crappy pick-up lines, the macho exterior and the insane dislike of talking things out. ...wait a second... I'm a chick Dean. Nice. :P
2. Owen Harper (Pre-Exit Wounds). Why? Because he would be someone I'd get on well with. He'd snark his way through dinner and I'd snark back and then we'd get drinks and then he'd stand on his head for ten minutes until he projectile-vomited it all back up. And I'd cheer and not even care that me wanting to hug and kiss him is technically necrophilia. Shut up. :P
3. Scipio Massimo. Why? Scipio went from being a twelve-year-old to a 22-year-old in the space of an hour. Half of it would be me wanting to get inside his head and see how he made the jump. The other half is because he's totally cute, okay? And honestly, he's an amazing individual, stealing from his dad and selling to a shady pawn shop owner to help his friends out, who, to top it all off, he was housing them in an old movie theater his dad owned because they needed a home. :)
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In theaters?


At home? HSM 3! :D
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Um, English, and broken bits of Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese (when I get the damn tone right), and some minor Portuguese. Not much in most except Japanese and Spanish though.

Yeah, I know, I'm weird. and to think, I failed Chinese and basic English class.

Go figure.
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Ketchup-covered, deep-fried Oreos.


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( Apr. 15th, 2009 03:30 pm)
Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] silver_etoile...

The Music Is My Boyfriend meme!

Pick a number from 1 to 1366, give me a vague pairing/prompt and I'll write it. I'll give you a download/YouTube link and write a short fic. *prays for her brain to not explode*

I hit writer's block with circus!fic (which is quickly transforming into carnival!fic, where Mansex Xemnas is stuck operating the kiddie rides :D) and As Yet Unnamed High School AU Kingdom Hearts fic. (But that's at 1250 words so far and I'm not even half-done with it...)
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That one!

Seriously... "La La Land" was a fantastic song with a great video. Demi with pink hair? I laughed. I love her.
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Jeez... That's hard...

#1: Whisper War - The Cab
#2: Pretty. Odd. - Panic At The Disco
#3: Folie a Deux - Fall Out Boy
#4: Razia's Shadow - Forgive Durden
#5: Moving Pictures - Rush
#6: Almost Here - The Academy Is
#7: Viva La Cobra! - Cobra Starship
#8: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic At The Disco
#9: No Strings Attached - 'Nsync
#10: Celebrity - 'Nsync


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