The word for the day is "close-minded"! (And also "cross-dressing". You'll understand why in a moment.)

This blog was brought to my attention this morning.

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Anyway, done ranting about the human race now.
First, I am now the proud owner of a Cloud/Sephiroth doujin. SWEET. :D (Title page? Cloud's in a dress, spiked collar, and a pair of handcuffs with Sephiroth's arms wrapped around his body. I had a fangirl moment or five.) The one problem?

It's in Japanese. *headdesk* Oh, well... The art's fantastic. (And there's a brief moment of Vincent/Cid which made me AWWWWW, cause Vincent's being emo again [at least, from what I gather] and Cid stops him from doing something stupid. AWWWWWW.)

Second. I went to Kennywood. Best amusement park ever. Disneyworld can bite my shiny, metal ass. Kennywood fuckin' owns, 'kay?

Third, i've lost all faith in humanity.

warnings for language, faith-damaging behavior, and stuck-up fake-ass people )

Pictures later. I'm off to hit something.


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