Sorry, I have "Big Time Rush" stuck in my head. Is it January yet? Supernatural is back then, Big Time Rush starts up, and I'm only two months away from Alice In Wonderland and Final Fantasy XIII! :D And, you know, maybe they'll have at least announced the release dates of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I want to play them SO FLIPPIN BAD. They look awesome. When FF XIII comes out, I'm going to buy my copy and glue myself to the Xbox.

Anyway, I'm rambling. So, the Christmas cards are going to be a bit late. :/ Stress is killing me right now. I blame Chris, but that's just me.

Long ass story that I don't feel like telling. Ask me about it in a couple of days, and I'll talk, but I am so freaking tired...

In other news, first, there is a [ profile] gleebigbang. I managed to miss writing sign ups, but I can't wait! :D And then there's [ profile] rpf_big_bang which means... I can write bandom/supernatural rpf fic like I've been wanting to recently... What do y'all think? Whacked-out Misha Collins/Crazy-ass Gabe Saporta? No? Well, it made sense in my head. Perhaps Misha will simply be their weird-ass hobo-ish friend. Kinda like Phoebe. And, of course, Dean and Sam will make an appearance, because REALLY. Dean's too damn awesome to be left out and Sam got dragged along for the ride. Again.

Dude, I really need to sort out my delicious account and bookmark all the fics I enjoy. Somebody kick me and make me do that.

(Also, I have no idea why, but I have a strange fascination with Dark Angel/Supernatural crossovers. Maybe it's cause of how adorable Alec is or something. I dunno.)
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( Jun. 15th, 2009 05:50 pm)
Remember my bandslash and my promise to finish it all?

That went out the window.

I blame Reno.

No, I SWEAR, I mean it. It's all his and Rufus' damned fault. *kicks*

Fucking Turk... *kicks Reno again*

Anyway, bandslash is delayed for a bit... But... On the bright side, "Here We Go Now" chapter 7 is close to done. Then one fic is done with two others to do.
So, I think I might be losing it.

Might be.

Whether I am or not remains to be seen.

But it's generally not a good thing when you hear fictional game characters in your head.

Like Zack. Seriously, I love the guy and all, but really, I do NOT want to be hearing Zack Fair in my head all the damn time.

I kid you not. I swear I'm hearing Zack. It's either Zack or... Zack. Honestly. Then (when I'm contemplating being evil to my younger siblings) there's Sephiroth. God, he sounds gay, even in my head.

...I need to lay off the Final Fantasy.

Actually, the Squeenix stuff in general cause I'm fairly certain that that I'm hearing Demyx. That guy's just a little too... Iunno, but between him and Zack, I'm fairly certain I'm LOSING IT.



Anyway, I'm insane. Or getting there. (*SHUT UP, ZACKARY*)
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( May. 14th, 2009 10:59 am)
Who's got one? :D

I'm not just talking for school, I'm talking for anything...

(I'm dying for good conversation right now... Can you tell?)

My list of summer projects is (thus far):

1. Make a gunblade keychain for my best friend Paul for his birthday in August. (His is August 31st, the day after Ryan Ross'. Paul's two years younger though. And WAY cuter.)

2. Finish ALL of my WIPs. I have, like, 20.

3. Make a smaller version of Demyx's sitar. (Which shall be named Zemyx because Zexion is hawt, Demyx is adorable, and together they freaking own.)

4. GET A JOB. I might be getting a PS1 and a copy of FFVII from a friend for free, but damn it, I need a job.

5. Make my damned costume for the anime con next year. I want to go as Demyx (with a playable sitar. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?) but I'm also seriously considering going as Reno. Less work involved with his outfit/accessories. Bleh... Ideas on where the hell I'm gonna get a zip-up blazer?


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