Okay, celebration over.

I got bored, so have a meme:

Post one sentence from each of your WIPs.

1. “At least, I’m assuming that’s what happened. All I heard was a string of angry Irish sounds.”
2. “Anything in particular set it off today or is it just one of those days?”
3. Tendo’s not gonna be held responsible for what happens if the couples just do not freaking stop.
4. Okay, so, with Cook on tour, actually managing his retribution was difficult, but who cares.
5. David really, really just wanted his couch back.
6. “Dad? As in, Sheriff Stilinski of Beacon Hills? Are you nuts?”
7. Scott felt the people at the student bookstore would totally understand the random smear of highlighter all over page 167 when he explained the situation.
8. "Did you miss the part where she screamed that you were a, and I quote, ‘complete and utter fucking wanker who deserved to be killed and dumped in the Thames’ and that she wanted to shove your cigarettes down your throat?”
9. Tell worked as a bartender, serving everything from Cardassian Sunrises (and cussing out Star Trek’s existence every single time) to beer and liquor shots.

I really should finish 9. Sci-fi original fiction come to meeeeee. (I need to finish all of them, really. But eh.) (Only four of these are AI fics. Two are Teen Wolf, one's One Direction, and another's Pacific Rim.) (I need less weird fandoms.)
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