So, I want to talk about something that's very important to me, as I've been on both sides of it, and honestly, I can't find anything local.

(warnings for discussion of depression, self harm, and suicide.)

By which I mean, I want to find/found/start/whatever a group for those dealing with depression, self-harm and/or suicide.

I've been down enough times that I know my own signs of an impending fuck-up in my recovery. I've hit rock bottom, clawed my way back up, and kept going. And I still fuck up.

And, I mean. Self-harm's an addiction, y'know? And I want someone to be able to tell me (or me be able to tell someone else) that it's okay to fuck up and get down and that you're not less for slipping up and that relapse is part of recovery without the stigma attached to relapsing. And to be someone that people can call when they are that low or at that danger point and need someone to pull them back up again.

I mean, recovery is hard. Whether it's from rock bottom with depression, from addiction, or from suicidal thoughts or attempts, it's fucking hard, and the attitude that's most popular about it is that if you don't get it right the first time, you're just fucked up and can't be fixed and I want to fix that.

(Hi, my name's Jess and I like to pretend I can fix things wrong with the world.) (When I become disgustingly rich, I'm setting up a charity for people with arrest records who can't get decent or steady jobs.) (I'm also so setting up a group like this on as close to a global scale as I can.) (As you can tell, I'm a fucking dreamer.)
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