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Intro post and master list for my fanfictions. :)

Most of what's listed here is old or abandoned. Most of my new fic can be found on my "fic: ___" tags or on my fanfiction.net account here.

See my tumblr for what I'm up to because I basically never post here anymore. I'm over there as dutchydoescoke.

I'm me. Not telling my name on the web an all. I spend more time than is healthy online.

supernatural, leverage, glee, gilmore girls reruns, heroes on occasion, dark angel reruns.

I like to sleep a lot, and when I'm not sleeping, I'm reading.

Favorite movies are, in no particular order: 10 Things I Hate About You, Ten Inch Hero, Ice Princess, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, Cry_Wolf, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Rent.

yeah. not much else. Fanfiction junkie. Coffee addict. Night owl.


How Did This Night Become The Enemy? (Ianto/Owen, slight Ianto/Jack, R): Ianto’s dealing with Owen’s death and the loss of his teammate and friend. Jack tries to help.
How Did This Night Become The Enemy?


Work This Out (Will/Finn, PG-13, incomplete): Terri comes clean and Finn is determined to help pick up the pieces.
Part 1

Teaching (Will/Finn, PG-13): Years after high school, Will and Finn run into each other at a bar.

Supernatural and CWRPS

The Adventures of Comic Book Boy and Coffee Shop Man (AKA, The Comic Book Verse) (Jensen/Jared, PG-13-R, incomplete): Our story begins on the top floor of the mall, in the CW comic shop, run by one Jeffery Dean Morgan, and operated by one Chad Michael Murray and one Jared Padalecki, among others. On one, oh so fateful day, Jared meets someone who shall change his life forever…
Volume 1 Volume 2

Someday We'll Remember This And Laugh (Sam/Castiel pre-slash, PG-13): 5.17 "99 Problems" coda.

High School Musical:

Stupidly Cliché (Chad/Ryan, PG-13): It's stupidly cliché and it's starting to irk Ryan.
Stupidly Cliché

Kingdom Hearts:

Sympathy (Axel/Roxas, Sora/Riku, one-sided Roxas/Riku, PG-13): “I’d ask for sympathy like that, but, as you know… Sympathy makes us sinners.” Roxas is a senior who’s crazy about his brother’s boyfriend. Along comes Axel, another senior who should have graduated two years ago.

Final Fantasy

Reno/Rufus [livejournal.com profile] fanfic50 table:


Are You Always This Dressy For A Murder Investigation? (AKA: “Panic! At The Hub”) (Torchwood/Doctor Who/Bandom crossover, everybody/everybody, R): Honestly, Pete hated dealing with Torchwood Three. Half of it was because every time he saw Jack bloody Harkness, the man insisted that he go on a date with Patrick, Torchwood Five’s secretary. The other half was because, more often than not, Pete walked in on Jack having sex with his secretary, Ian’s Toe or whatever his name was. He was a bit of an odd bloke. Always making coffee. When he wasn’t f*cking Jack, anyway. Bloody Torchwood.
Panic! At The Hub

All other fanfiction (Stargate, Hannah Montana, Twilight, Harry Potter) can be found here.

If you read, please comment/review. It makes my day.


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