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( Jul. 14th, 2013 02:46 pm)
So, true story: I was lying in bed last night at, like, two in the morning, this close to asleep, when I shot up in front and went "fuck" because I just remembered that David Archuleta has a brother named Daniel. And trans!David's birth name is Danielle. Heh, oops.

Things that make me feel better about this: I have seen siblings who were given male and female versions of the same name. My mom informed me that she nearly named one of my brothers Jesse while she was out of her mind on pain meds and just out of labor. (I, myself, am Jesselyn, for the record.)

Still. Time to employ the time-honored tool that is retcon.

(Course, I'm editing it into the posts anyways, so.)


Fic word counts, because I need a kick in the ass.
Trans!Davids mainfic: 3126
Fun fic: 2855
Fic that shall be referred to as couch fic: 108
Fic that'll never see the light of day: 496
TWBB (hereafter referred to as "FUCK I AM NOT GONNA FINISH IT"): 871


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